Summer school SOFTMAT will take place in Cargèse (Corsica) at Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques ( ) from 12th to 22nd July 2022.

The following topics will be covered by the lecturers

Polymer and soft matter physics

Basics of polymer and soft matter physics with emphasis on thermodynamics and equilibrium properties. The idea is here to cover the basics of the molecular theory of rubber elasticity, polymer solutions and selling of gels, good and poor solvents, effects of charges and polyeletrolytes.

Lecturers: Michael Rubinstein (Duke University), Alexander Grosberg (New York University) , Tom Mc Leish (University of York)

Design of soft materials

This theme will focus on the knowledge based design of soft materials and the synthetic techniques that can be used to obtain such materials.
Lecturers: Krzysztof Matyjaszewski (Carnegie-Mellon University), Jian Ping Gong (University of Hokkaido), Chris Bowman (Colorado University)

Characterization of hierarchical structure

multi-scale characterization of the structure of soft materials with scattering techniques (X-rays and neutron ) and electron microscopy

Lecturers: Annie Brulet (Laboratoire Leon Brillouin ), Hiroshi Jinnai (Tohoku University)

Multi-Dynamics in Soft Matter

This theme will focus on linear soft matter dynamics at different length and time scales with an emphasis on effects of structure on dynamics and will cover linear, non linear rheology and microrheology

Lecturers: Ralph Colby (Penn State University), Dimitris Vlassopoulos (FORTH) , Tetsuharu Narita (ESPCI Paris)

Large Deformation Mechanics of Soft Materials

This theme adresses the more macroscopic aspects of soft material deformation, going from the fundamental of solid mechanics in large deformation to more advanced topics like time-dependent, behavior, fracture and adhesion and the relationship between molecualr design and toughness.

Lecturers: Chung Yuen (Herbert) Hui (Cornell University), Matteo Ciccotti (ESPCI Paris), Ken Shull (Northwestern University)

Multi-Scale Simulations of Soft Networks

The focus of the theme will be on molecular and mesoscopic techniques of simulations of network dynamics and soft matter mechanics with techniques based on statistical physics

Lecturer: Emanuela Del Gado (Georgetown University)

Soft Surfaces and Interfaces, Complex Fluids

fluid/solid interfaces, The theme will be focusing more on complex fluids including soft interfaces, lubrication, and recent applications of microfluidics in soft matter physics

Lecturers: Frédéric Restagno (Université Paris-Saclay) and Anke Lindner (Université de Paris)

Classes will start on morning July 12th and end on afternoon July 22nd.
Participants are expected to be in Ajaccio or Cargèse on Monday afternoon July 11th, and leave Cargèse on the Saturday morning 23rd.
The program consists of 1h30 lectures (morning 9-12h and afternoon 13h30-16h30) including discussions and long coffee breaks.

Afternoon lectures will be followed by poster sessions allowing participants to present their current work and discuss with lecturers their particular interests.
Schedule will be posted later.


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Important dates Abstract submission deadline : March 15th Confirmation of acceptance : April 1st (delayed) Closing registration for selected (...) 

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